Get yourself some web swagger with Swagger magazine style premium WordPress theme! If you have a ton of content that you need to present in an organized way, SwagMag is a perfect fit.

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SwagMag – WordPress Magazine/Review Theme

SwagMag allows you to create unlimited mini-sites within your main website. The front page takes content from the mini-sites you create and displays it all together in comprehensive, content-rich page. This design is great for both review sites and non-review sites alike. SwagMag presents the user with the best possible experience by using all of the latest jQuery enhancements and user interface upgrades.

SwagMag WordPress magazine theme has so many different options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to personal preference! It is fully customizable with 140+ theme options and 60+ review options, five unique layout options, 28 included transparent background textures, 48 included background images, @font-face fonts and so much more! Keep up with social media with loads of social options including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google Analytics, Feedburner, and more. SwagMag design and unique features increase the average length of time that users spend on your site as well as the average number of pages viewed. It’s a Swagger guarantee!

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    Hi, I’m looking for some avdcie. I want to create a website that will be full of useful information regarding a subject/industry. I also want to provide users with the opportunity to leave reviews, views and comments. I’d like to be able to have images and eventually videos. Ideally the site would grow to a large community with lots of user generated informtion as well as static content. The problem I have is I’m not an IT genius, I use the internet and PC on a daily basis but technically I couldn’t create a website from scratch using code.I’ve been looking in to ways of creating a website and WordPress and Joomla keep cropping up. My question is which one would be suitable for the type of site I’m looking to build. People keep saying wordpress is mostly for blogging and joomla is better for creating websites. I also want to place a few select affiliate ad’s on the site. Can anyone help? Many ThanksJ

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      WordPress can do just about anything you can imagine! Especially with the right theme. If you are interested in learning more about it, visit http://www.WPTrainingVideos.com… they have free WordPress Training Videos there.

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